This website is operated by QALOFA EMPIRE. The items listed are in “pre-order” , u need to wait for 4-8 weeks to reach our main store in Melaka. Sometimes it take longer ( more than 8 weeks ) if got issue such lack of supply ( supplier need to restock) , CURRENTLY COVID19 issue, CHIA having CNY for a month and so on, but we will make sure the shoes reach u.


International Shipping ( Shipping from China To Malaysia)

*All items ordered direct from our main Supplier in China, it takes 4-8 weeks (normally if got no issue) to reach our main store in Melaka. ( We will let u know if there is delayed from China from time to time.)

Domestic Shipping (within Malaysia)

Once item reach our store, we will start process the shipping to u! All orders will have a shipping fee of RM10 (WM) and RM17 (EM) .

For shipping to other Malaysia states, delivery can vary from 3-7 working days once the batch reach our hub. Deliveries are operated by NINJAVAN Malaysia.

Tracking Number

Once your order has been processed and is ready for delivery, we will send you shipping confirmation email along with your tracking number.

Estimated Delivery Time

Item listed currently is Preorder. it takes 4-7weeks (normally if got no issue) to reach our main store in Melaka. Processing times do not include weekends and public holidays. Sometimes it can be delay but we will make sure it reach u as fast as we can. Kindly note that we experience high volume of orders during our sale periods and this often results in delays in delivery – we apologise in advance for the inconvenience.


Refunds are  available if the item got no stock. U also can replace with other design too.


Exchange design are not available as part of our program,UNLESS if item is totally sold out. Please have a check before you make a step for check out.


Change size are not available as part of our program, please measure the size wisely. Click here .

*We may request that you ship the defective or wrong size of product back to us as part of the warranty process within 3 days after received, else we are considering it as sold. QALOFA reserves the exclusive right to determine if a product qualifies for warranty. Return shipping for warranties are the responsibility of the customer. If there is no payment for return shipping, we will considered the item sold out after 1 month.

We got your back.

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